ml to oz - Milliliters to Ounces Converter


How to convert milliliters to ounces?

How many ounces in a ml? In the US customary system of measurement, 1 milliliter is approximately equal to 0.033814 fluid ounces, which is the conversion factor from milliliter to ounces.

To convert any value milliliters to ounces, multiply the ml value by the conversion factor.

For example, A common question is How many ounces in 750 ml? multiply 750 ml by 0.033814, that's make 750ml equal to 25.3605 oz (rounded to four decimal places).

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Convert 1 milliliter to common volume units

Unit1 ml =
US Fluid Ounce4.1591247921 fl oz (US)
UK Fluid Ounce4.3289948031 fl oz (UK)
Tablespoon8.3182495842 tbsp
Teaspoon24.9547487526 tsp
Cup0.5198905944 cup
Pint0.2599452972 pt
Quart0.1299726486 qt
Gallon0.0324931683 gal
Liter0.123 L


Milliliter (mL) is a metric unit of volume. equals a thousandth of a liter and the equivalent of the cubic centimeter(cc). Milliliters is a common unit for measure the volume of small amounts of liquids or medications.


Ounce (oz) is a unit to measure the liquid capacity or liquid volume in the imperial system and the US customary system of measurement. the fluid ounces are specifically meant to measure volume (often of liquid ingredients like water), while the constant ounces measure weight, usually of solid ingredients like all-purpose flour.

Note that our ounces only apply to fluid ounces in U.S. customary units system.

Convert ml to oz chart

milliliter (ml)ounce (oz)
1 ml0.033814 oz
1.5 ml0.050721 oz
2 ml0.067628 oz
2.5 ml0.084535 oz
3 ml0.101442 oz
4 ml0.135256 oz
5 ml0.16907 oz
6 ml0.202884 oz
7 ml0.236698 oz
8 ml0.270512 oz
9 ml0.304326 oz
10 ml0.33814 oz
11 ml0.371954 oz
12 ml0.405768 oz
13 ml0.439582 oz
14 ml0.473396 oz
15 ml0.50721 oz
16 ml0.541024 oz
17 ml0.574838 oz
18 ml0.608652 oz
19 ml0.642466 oz
20 ml0.67628 oz
25 ml0.84535 oz
30 ml1.01442 oz
35 ml1.18349 oz
milliliter (ml)ounce (oz)
40 ml1.35256 oz
45 ml1.521631 oz
50 ml1.690701 oz
55 ml1.859771 oz
60 ml2.028841 oz
65 ml2.197911 oz
70 ml2.366981 oz
75 ml2.536051 oz
80 ml2.705121 oz
85 ml2.874191 oz
90 ml3.043262 oz
95 ml3.212332 oz
100 ml3.381402 oz
105 ml3.550472 oz
110 ml3.719542 oz
115 ml3.888612 oz
120 ml4.057682 oz
125 ml4.226752 oz
130 ml4.395822 oz
135 ml4.564893 oz
140 ml4.733963 oz
145 ml4.903033 oz
150 ml5.072103 oz
155 ml5.241173 oz
160 ml5.410243 oz
milliliter (ml)ounce (oz)
165 ml5.579313 oz
170 ml5.748383 oz
175 ml5.917453 oz
180 ml6.086524 oz
185 ml6.255594 oz
190 ml6.424664 oz
195 ml6.593734 oz
200 ml6.762804 oz
205 ml6.931874 oz
210 ml7.100944 oz
215 ml7.270014 oz
220 ml7.439084 oz
230 ml7.777225 oz
240 ml8.115365 oz
250 ml8.453505 oz
260 ml8.791645 oz
270 ml9.129786 oz
280 ml9.467926 oz
290 ml9.806066 oz
300 ml10.144206 oz
325 ml10.989557 oz
350 ml11.834907 oz
375 ml12.680258 oz
400 ml13.525609 oz
425 ml14.370959 oz
milliliter (ml)ounce (oz)
450 ml15.21631 oz
475 ml16.06166 oz
500 ml16.907011 oz
550 ml18.597712 oz
600 ml20.288413 oz
650 ml21.979114 oz
700 ml23.669815 oz
750 ml25.360517 oz
800 ml27.051218 oz
900 ml30.43262 oz
1000 ml33.814022 oz
1100 ml37.195424 oz
1200 ml40.576827 oz
1300 ml43.958229 oz
1400 ml47.339631 oz
1500 ml50.721034 oz
1600 ml54.102436 oz
1700 ml57.483838 oz
1800 ml60.86524 oz
1900 ml64.246643 oz
2000 ml67.628045 oz
2500 ml84.535056 oz
3000 ml101.442068 oz
4000 ml135.25609 oz
5000 ml169.070113 oz